Scene Sponsors

Come, enjoy the spirit of Dickens Victorian Village, a unique walking tour experience that takes you back to life in 1850's England. A time of Queen Victoria and Charles Dickens. Of Tiny Tim and of the introduction to England of the Christmas tree.

Each year in November and December, downtown Cambridge is charmingly transformed in to Dickens Victorian Village. Visitors are invited to stroll the streets amidst 94 scenes depicting classic views of Victorian life.

The Dickens scenes are stationed at each of the decorated historic lampposts and benches between 6th and 11th Streets on Wheeling Avenue, and along Southgate Parkway from the Courthouse to Turner Avenue. Look closely!  Some scenes are located in store windows. Look up! Find the couple in a second floor window. Look around! There is even a Victorian skating scene at the main downtown intersection across from the Courthouse.

These Dickens Victorian Village scenes are comprised of life sized and hand-made mannequins wearing period appropriate attire. Each year from March through October, volunteers work to evaluate each scene and identify needed repairs or replacements. The faces for each character are individually sculpted. The clothing is carefully designed, donated, acquired or hand-made to be period appropriate. The platforms and mannequin frames are meticulously constructed to withstand the rigors of Midwest winter weather. All work is completed by local volunteer artists.

This innovative public art exhibition is enjoyed by individuals, families, couples, and groups alike - an experience that engages the senses as you explore the outstanding streetscape of original buildings from the 1800's.

Then you may continue your experience by visiting the eclectic shops where you can find the perfect gift. If you are hungry or need a break, try one of the Cambridge eateries for a meal, a cup of coffee, or a sweet treat.

As you walk the streets, notice that each scene has an informational plaque with a bit of history from the Victorian Era. Each scene also has a sponsor name plaque. The Dickens Victorian Village Board of Directors would like to extend a sincere thank you to all scene sponsors. They help to financially support this project as well as other Dickens events.

Please scroll through the drawings below. For each scene, the sponsor is listed along with the original inspirational drawing by our founder Bob Ley.

Come to Cambridge Ohio and start your own holiday tradition.
"Ready for a Ride" 

Scene 03

Sponsored by 

Cindy Arent and Lindy Thaxton 

In Memory of Margaret Thaxton and Mary Martha Mitchell

"Tiny Tim, Bob Cratchit and the Politician" 

Scene 01

Sponsored by The Community Bank

"Auld Lang Syne" 

Scene 04

Sponsored by US Bank

"Two Couples Caroling" 

Scene 08

Sponsored by Harold and Rose Ann Davis

"The Caroling Family" 

Scene 05

Sponsored by Thomas, Rhonda and Matthew Stemmer

"3 Carolers" 

Scene 06

Sponsored by Southeastern Equipment Co. Inc.,

 Bill & Nancy Baker

"The Carolers Three" 

Scene 07

Sponsored by Theo's Restaurant

"The Scrubwomen Serenade" 
Scene 02

Sponsored by

LMI Custom Mixing


Dust Bunny Cleaning Service

"Keeping The Peace" 

Scene 13

Sponsored by Ed and Fran Morland

"Couple of Carolors" 

Scene 10

Sponsored by AVC Communications

"The Shoppers" 

Scene 17

Sponsored by Learning Jungle on Main Street

"Christmas Shopping" 

Scene 14

Sponsored by Guthrie Insurance Agency

Ron and Sharon Guthrie

"Tis The Season" 

Scene 12

Sponsored by Mosser Family

In Memory of Thomas R. Mosser and

Georgianna Mosser

"The Queen's Page" 

Scene 09

Sponsored In Honor of Kristopher Allen Robinson-Miller, Our Precious Son

"Christmas Courting" 

Scene 18

Sponsored by Don & Jolene Sigman


The Guernsey County Historical Society

"Christmas Harmony" 

Scene 11

Sponsored by The Jim Cox Family & AdamEldredge


"An Empty Stocking at Christmas Time"

"Victorian Gentleman?" 

Scene 19

Sponsored In Memory of Gordie Smith

By Cookie Clark and Jeannie Hough

"Just Resting" 

Scene 20

Sponsored by Bob and Mary Lou McCarty 


Scene 21

Sponsored by Central Station Steak & Ale

"To Each Her Own" 

Scene 15

Sponsored by Margie & Jim Jamieson, Mt. Lebanon, PA

"I will honor Christmas in my heart,

and try to keep it all the year." Dickens

"Enough, Dear?" 

Scene 16

Sponsored by Mr. Lee's Restaurant

"Street Sellers" 

Scene 24

Sponsored by Rotary Club of Cambridge

"Lamplighter at Work" 

Scene 29

Sponsored by VFW Charities

"Towne Crier" 

Scene 27

Sponsored by Bob Dix and

The Daily Jeffersonian

"The Bobby" 

Scene 26

Sponsored by Kennedy's Bakery

1025 Wheeling Ave.

"FIRE! The Bucket Brigade" 

Scene 35

Sponsored by Gene and Kristie Oliver

"A London Bag Lady" 

Scene 33

Sponsored by McKenna's Market


Guernsey Kitchen

"Lamplighter, the Time Honored Way" 

Scene 30

Sponsored by Speedy Print

"Making His Pitch" 

Scene 36

Sponsored by Chris & Joyce Baker/Dominos Pizza


Glenn & Claretta Baker

"Making a Social Call" 

Scene 28

Sponsored by David & Harriette Orr

"Looking for Work" 

Scene 37

Sponsored by Regis and Marsha Woods Family

"Never Too Late" 

Scene 22

Sponsored by Ohio Bridge

"The Beggar Lady" 

Scene 31

Sponsored by The Guernsey Muskingum Valley Association of Realtors

"The Candle Seller" 

Scene 23

Sponsored by The late Reverend Jack Welch and Marion Welch

"The Apple Peddler" 

Scene 25

Sponsored by The Colonel Taylor Inn

"The Beggars" 

Scene 32

Sponsored In Memory Of

Tom Rutledge

Who Fed The Beggars in The 1930's

"Father Christmas Comes to Cambridge" 

Scene 34

Sponsored by Old Cambridge Conservation Association

"A Christmas Feast" 

Scene 41

Sponsored by The Carroll Family

God Bless the Cook!

"Victorian Tea" 

Scene 42

Sponsored by Denny's Southgate Parkway

"Missing Work" 

Scene 38

Sponsored by John and Judy Davis


Eastern Ohio Development Alliance

"Getting Ready" 

Scene 47

Sponsored In Memory of Desmond & Lillian Hall

"Ambulance Service" 

Scene 39

Sponsored by Southeastern Ohio

Regional Medical Center and

United Ambulance

"Wonderland of Trees" 

Scene 51

Sponsored by The Cowden Family - Bill & Sue, 

Jerry, Teresa & Amanda,

Bill, Jana, Alayna & Bradley

"Mailing Cards" 

Scene 50

Sponsored by Jim & Marge Caldwell

"Sing His Praises" 

Scene 52

Sponsored In Memory of

Bill & Pauline Wheatley

"Queen Victoria" 

Scene 53

Sponsored In Loving Memory of

Edna Bayly

By Sandra Rohrbough

"The Governess" 

Scene 49

Sponsored In Memory of

Noreen Ley Saylor

The Ley Saylor Families

"School Time" 

Scene 40

Sponsored by Rose Etta Blackwood

"Coal Miners" 

Scene 44

Sponsored by Byesville Rotary Club

"The Doctor's In" 

Scene 43

Sponsored In Memory of Dr. William H.

Nicholson, The Atty. Bill Nicholson Family

"Bringing Home the Tree" 

Scene 45

Sponsored by Tom & Julie Davey

"Gathering Firewood" 

Scene 46

Sponsored by 

Jerry & Ann Jones

"Glassblower at Work" 

Scene 48

Sponsored by National Museum

of Cambridge Glass

"Scrooge &Marley" 

Scene 54

Sponsored by Denny & Amy Patterson

"Under the Mistletoe" 

Scene 59

Sponsored by Peoples Bank

"A Carol for Father Christmas" 

Scene 60

Sponsored by Maestra Laura E. Schumann


The Southeastern Ohio Symphony Orchestra

"The Knitter" 

Scene 56

Sponsored by John & Nancy Abbott

"The Photographer" 

Scene 63

Sponsored by Cambridge Lions Club and the Rainy Day Writers

"She's Shopping" 

Scene 57

Sponsored by RE/MAX Real Estate Partners

Monica Fry

"The Sled Maker" 

Scene 58

Sponsored by Sperandeo/Schmitt Family

"Victorian Mourning" 

Scene 61

Sponsored by Thorn-Black Funeral Home

"Christmas with Song" 

Scene 62

Sponsored by Country Bits

"The Artist" 

Scene 55

Sponsored by Shafer Insurance Agency, Inc.

"The Shopkeeper" 

Scene 68

Sponsored by Downtown Arena

"Dining Out" 

Scene 70

Sponsored In Memory of Wonderful Dinners

With my father, Thomas Bowlin Sr.

and sister, Amy Bowlin.

"Night at the Theater" 

Scene 67

Sponsored In Memory of

Grover B. & Bessie Calvert & 7 Children

Ruth, Corrinne, Babe, Tim & Kathy Calvert

"Romance on the Ice" 

Scene 76

Sponsored by AVC Communications

Technical Services


Scene 77

Sponsored by Trophy Case

"A Gift for Her" 

Scene 69

Sponsored by The Morris Family

In Memory of Roy L. Morris


Scene 78

Sponsored by The Ables Family

"Skating in Tandem" 

Scene 79

Sponsored by Muskingum University

"Victorian Thoughts" 

Scene 71

Sponsored by Appalachian Well Survey

"Florence Nightingale" 

Scene 80

Sponsored by Jim & Cheryl Keller

"Out on the Town" 

Scene 65

Sponsored by The Conaway Family

In Memory of Miriam and Earl Conaway

"Naughty and Nice" 

Scene 66

Sponsored by Joe & Sharon Miller


Scene 74

Sponsored by Rea & Associates, Inc.

"The French Lesson" 

Scene 64

Sponsored by Dr. Al and Peggy Steele

"Watching the Lights" 

Scene 73

Sponsored by Grant & Pat Hafley


Scene 75

Sponsored In Honor of

Walter & Florence Whipple

Harold & Eva Ervin

"Christmas Eve Services" 

Scene 72

Sponsored by WesBanco

"Lady in Waiting" 

Scene 81

Sponsored by State Farm


Larry and Judy Brill

"The Travelers" 

Scene 85

Sponsored for The Guthrie Girls

by Ron & Sharon Guthrie


Scene 83

Sponsored by Parnell & Associates, Inc.

Tom/Annette Parnell

"The Moneylenders" 

Scene 82

Sponsored by Huntington Bank

"Dickens at Desk" 

Scene 86

Sponsored by Cambridge High School

Class of 1956

"Silks & Ribbons" 

Scene 84

Sponsored by Kelly A. Jones

"The Tradeswoman" 

Scene 87

Sponsored In Memory of

Betty Turner, Clerk of Courts-43 years

Tom & Marj Tribbie and Family

"Victorian Children at Play" 

Scene 92

Sponsored by 

Abigail Birch & Company and Roscoe Farms

"Home Delivery" 

Scene 93

Sponsored In Memory of Billy Singer who ran a

Delivery Business in Cambridge for over 50 years.

By the Olden & Sigman Families

"Invitation to Tea" 

Scene 89

Sponsored by The Thomas Swan Family

"The Pub" 

Scene 88

Sponsored by John & Jonett Haberfield

Waiting for Her Carriage" 

Scene 91

Sponsored by Guernsey County Lions Club

"Voices of Dickens" 

Scene 90

Sponsored by Barbara Roth

Friends are always in harmony.

"Welcoming Guest" 

Scene 94

Sponsored by Cambridge Kiwanis Foundation